Veerayatan UK

Midterm camp

SCVP continue to host Mid-Term Children’s Jain Camps where children aged 5-11 years old learn about Jain religion, culture and prayers in a fun and interactive way in English using arts, crafts, games, meditation, yoga and music.

Care home visit

SCVP children and adults visited a care home where they sang prayers and songs to the everyone’s delight, made cards, decorated jewellery boxes, played card games and Jenga and engaged so beautifully with the older people staying in the home, teaching all the value of giving and learning to communicate and do various activities with the older people. As one of the parents stated:

‘Thanks for organising such a meaningful event and giving the children this wonderful opportunity. The children really enjoyed themselves and said they definitely want to go again…

Annual Forest Walks

For the 4th consecutive year SCVP with Young Jains (UK) are hosting monthly Forest Walks from May to September. This allows the walkers to surround themselves with nature, appreciate its beauty and experience silence! The walkers ages range from 6 years to those in their 70s, attracting more than 50 walkers for each of the walks held so far this year.

Lectures at Oshwal North, London

SCVP adult class teachers conducted a series 4 lectures entitled “Jain Principles – relevant today?” hosted by Oshwal Association of UK. The lectures, through the use of interactive sessions, explored and explained how Jain principles can be applied practically and the impact it can have on our spiritual development

Inspiring talks by eminent speakers

Over the last few months, SCVP have invited three distinguished guest speakers to give interesting and inspiring talks:

  • “Reflecting my father: The Jain value of philanthropy” by Anantbhai M P Shah the son of Meghji Pethraj Shah (MP Shah). The MP Shah family are widely recognised worldwide for their philanthropy over manydecades, their projects having benefitted thousands of lives. This talk inspired the audience to embark on their own journey to do more for Society!
  • “Speaking with confidence for women” by Sonalben Dave. A special talk to inspire and empower women’s confidence in all aspects of their lives by a speaker who has faced and overcome many challenges in her own life.
  • “Blossoming of the Indian Literary Heritage” by Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi OBE. Vinodbhai is a leading world Jain scholar, author, and speaker. This talk shared his love and knowledge of Indian literary heritage over the centuries.