Veerayatan Newsletter, June 2019, Edition-21

Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji

reveals her ‘Angels’

‘Mere Devdoot’ is a book by Tai Maa of short stories describing her ‘Angels’ (whether they are people, incidents, or her observations on nature) that have shaped her spiritual journey.

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Veerayatan Bihar

The monsoon retreat in Bihar with Acharya Shriji

The monsoon retreat in Bihar with Acharya Shriji

A golden opportunity, in the presence of Acharya Shriji, to rejuvenate one’s self during this monsoon retreat - A time to listen, comprehend, contemplate and share your experience. We extend you the warmest of invitations to come and spend as much time as possible in Rajgir during this retreat, in the divine presence of Acharya Shriji.

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for full details including how to register for this special event.

Veerayatan Palitana

Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir

Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir (TMVM)

Veerayatan made a firm resolve in 2017 to start TMVM Palitana, a school for the children of impoverished communities living in the villages in and around Palitana.

What has happened in the past two years?

  • 252 children have enrolled from 18 different communities in and around Palitana
  • Each and every new child is hopeful of reaping the rewards of a quality education which incorporates a moral and ethical outlook with respect for all humans, animals and the environment as well as respect for the self in terms of personal hygiene, good manners etc
  • Over 1500 trees have been planted around the campus. As a result there are butterflies, bees, and birds in abundance!

To read further on the progress of the school, please click here……


Story of Namratta

Namratta, a 8 year old student at TMVM Palitana, is inspired by what she is learning and has therefore imbibed the value of selfless giving. So, each and every day after school she gathers all the children in her village and teaches them what she herself has learnt in school that day. Her father bought her a blackboard which has become her teaching tool! What an example she is setting to us all.

Adinath Netralay, Eye Hospital

On 30 May, Acharya Shriji officially opened Adinath Netralay, in the presence of the working committee and other distinguished guests. The aim is to start seeing patients in the outpatient department from 1 July and for operations to start within a couple of months of that…..

Veerayatan Kenya

A Bake Sale!

Ten year olds at SCVP covered in class the topic of "Love the Poor" and as part of this came up with an idea of the Bake Sale. The children were very excited and enthusiastic about this. Each child, irrespective of whether they were attending the bake sale, brought something - cookies, donuts, cup-cakes, ice cream, chevdo, puris, sev mamra etc. The Bake Sale was a hit and the children managed to collect 20,000 schillings. What an amazing achievement!

The class has decided to spend the money towards books and stationery for an orphanage called Dada Centre. The children will be visiting the orphanage where they will play games with the orphan children and also share some treats with them. They will certainly enjoy the trip and we hope to hear about some stories of what the children did in out next edition of the newsletter!

Fun and games at the Cerebral Palsy Unit

Rameshbhai from USA, accompanied by his guests, visited the Cerebral Palsy Unit. Wherever Rameshbhai is, fun and laughter will fill the air. This visit was no exception!! There was lots of singing and dancing and various gifts were presented to the children and members of staff.

The SCVP teachers also spent a day full of fun with the cerebral palsy children. Each of the teachers engaged personally with the children. Donations were made in support of the ongoing porridge programme in which more than a 1000 children are being fed with porridge on a daily basis!

Veerayatan UK

Care home visit

A number of exciting events have been happening at Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth Jain School. Children have been learning and experiencing the art of giving in many different ways: through spending time in an old people’s care home; through immersing themselves in learning in our midterm camps during which the navkar mantra was recited in the deer park with the deer listening attentively; and being inspired by the life of Bhagwan Mahavir through stories and songs! Adults have also been connecting with nature and experiencing silence in our annual nature walks in conjunction with Young Jains UK; and benefitting from inspirational talks by eminent speakers including a talk on empowering women in speaking with confidence….. Lots of inspiring items indeed…. Read further for more colour on these varied experiences……

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Veerayatan USA

Acharya Shriji, accompanied by Sadhvi Shilapiji and Sadhvi Sanghamitraji, will be gracing the JAINA conference in California in July. For more information on the various programmes organised during this time, please click here….

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Upcoming Events

Sadhvi Shilapiji coming to London

Sadhvi Shilapiji will be visiting London in July 2019 and deliver a series of lectures, a two day shibir and other activities. For further information please connect with our SCVP London Facebook page

For more information on all the above events, please contact:
Nilesh Kothari:; Tel: 07718580596