Veerayatan Newsletter, October 2019, Edition-23


Invitation to 84th Birthday Celebrations of Acharya Shri Chandanaji Maharaj

Veerayatan Nepal Committee along with the entire Veerayatan Parivar humbly request your esteemed presence at the 84th birthday celebrations of Acharyashriji on 24, 25 and 26 January to be held in Kathmandu Nepal comprising of:

  • Foundation Laying Ceremony of Veerayatan International Spiritual & Humanitarian Centre
  • Felicitation of Acharyashriji by Government of Nepal
  • Cultural Programme by students of Veerayatan Nepal
  • Sightseeing tour with optional visit to a slum to see Veerayatan’s work first-hand

All are cordially invited to join the festivities and celebrations and take part in this next milestone in the work of Veerayatan in pursuance of its aim of Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana. Early registration is necessary.

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Volunteer Programme 2019

  • Awakening to a 5.30am Yoga session…..
  • Spending spiritually enriching time in the company of Acharya Shriji and her learned Sadhvis……
  • Heading off to do a full morning’s teaching of students at Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, Pawapuri and Harikeshiya School……..
  • Debating with the students at Pawapuri whether homework should be part of the curriculum
  • Working in the hospital, talking to patients, reflecting on their lives, learning to do eye screening and providing advice on essential dental care…….
  • Visiting the beautiful and serene Jal Mandir in Pawapuri and the amazing centre of Buddhism at Bodh Gaya…..

and the list continues and continues……….

These are just a few things the twenty strong group of 15-20 yrs old volunteers from India, Kenya, UK and USA experienced in the two weeks they spent at Veerayatan Rajgir.

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Be inspired, view video created by the volunteers

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Mere Devdoot (My Angels)

‘Mere Devdoot’, a book of short stories written by Acharyashriji describes the people and experiences that have shaped her journey. In one story, Acharyashriji talks about the love, compassion and the warmth of her divine mother, Pujya Bade Maharaj.

To hear the story as recollected by Acharyashriji and also read the full story from this riveting book…

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Veerayatan Bihar

Song Competition

The students of Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, Pawapuri excelled at singing and with the blessings of Acharyashriji won 2nd place at the state level National Group song competition in September 2019. The students performed strongly in all the four categories of folk songs, Sanskrit songs, Vandemataram song and Hindi songs. Veeryatan congratulates all the students who took part and did so well.


Athletic Prowess

Meenu Mishra, a student in tenth grade at Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, Lachhuar, excels in running and has been selected to represent the State of Bihar in the national level competition for the 100 meters sprint to be held in November 2019. Meenu has also been awarded the Jamui District's ‘Best Athlete’ accolade.


Shri Adinath Netralay

The hospital outpatient department opened in the month of July and to date 1,700 patients, from the local area, have had their eyes comprehensively screened and treated where necessary. Some Jain sadhus and sadhvis, aged 45 – 98yrs, have also had their eyes tested. Word is going around on the excellent care that is being given to all the patients and this is very much appreciated by all including local doctors who are working in the nearby towns and villages. Around 100 patients require eye surgeries and this will be provided after Diwali.

Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir

Two hundred and forty three children at TMVM Palitana are doing very well academically. As part of their health check all the children have had their eyes screened for vision. A third of the children need further tests for which they will be seen at Shri Adinath Vidya Mandir.

An explosion of colour overwhelmed the school grounds when children participated in the Navratri programme at school. All the children were beautifully attired and celebrated the occasion with immense joy and in great style. 

Veerayatan UK


Pratikraman in English was delivered at three different venues during the 8 days of Paryushan (26 August to 2 September 2019) in a novel way so that people from all ages really understood the essence and felt able to participate in this amazing ritual of forgiveness.

The feedback received from those attending was very encouraging. To find out more about the Paryushan activities and people’s positive responses to it,

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Oshwal NW also asked SCVP Jain School to deliver the annual Paryushan4Kidz event with a view to ensuring that our children learn the beauty of the Jain religion and grow up to appreciate the profound messages of Mahavir Bhagwan and the importance of Jain festivals.
For details of the activities for children conducted by SCVP Jain School………..

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Veerayatan Kenya

Young Jains Nairobi together with Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth Nairobi joined hands with KENVO and celebrated Moi Day by planting 2000 seedlings at Kererita Forest. Even though the weather was not on our side, a determined group of 85 people including many children planted all the seedlings in the rain with a lot of happiness and love! We hope to make the environment a better place and try our best to give back to the mother earth. Congratulations to all!

Upcoming events


Diwali and Chopda Poojan, 27 October 2019

An event for the whole family to celebrate the unparalleled legacy of Mahavir Bhagwan and to conduct together Chopda Poojan to bring success in our pursuit of spiritual goals for the coming year. All are welcome to this event.


Tree Planting, 16 November 2019

SCVP Jain School children and adults will participate in the planting of trees as part of the initiative announced by OneJAIN for a ‘Planting for Peace’ flagship tree-planting project to celebrate the life of Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary by creating Ahimsa Peace Forest and Peace Garden.


For more information on all the above events, please contact:

Nilesh Kothari:; Tel: 07718580596