Veerayatan Newsletter, April 2020, Edition-26

Acharyashriji and Veerayatan

Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji’s message:

A New Sunrise for all of Humanity: Fight against Covid-19

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In these difficult and challenging circumstances we all pray to Bhagwan that the affliction humanity is facing currently is overcome quickly so that we may experience, once again, an atmosphere of good health and happiness. I truly pray for this. Also, we must take strength from history.  Humanity has gone through such afflictions before but has never been defeated.  With their wisdom and search for a better life, this darkness, this suffering, this difficulty will be overcome and the light of happiness will be experienced.

Men will find a solution with courage, with effort, with intelligence and with understanding.  We all need to be a part of this solution.  We all need to help and give energy and positivity to each other.  And even in these dire circumstances we will find something to smile about, to be happy about. I pray that you all do not be defeated, do not let the mind become weak but that you find a way out using your intelligence.

May Bhagwan keep you happy and cheerful. The time will come very soon when this calamity will be over.

Mere Devdoot April 2020

Mere Devdoot Story

‘Mere Devdoot’ is a book of short stories written by Acharyashiji describing the people and experiences which have shaped her journey. To respectfully accept the knowledge and experience of others is very difficult, as Acharyashriji reflected at an early age and recounts in the following story from this riveting book…

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Veerayatan Bihar

Using Technology in Education

With the blessings of Acharyashriji, Veerayatan Bihar continues to be creative when facing challenges, on this occassion being the lockdown impacting educational establishments in India. Staff at Veerayatan schools at Pawapuri and Lacchuar have instituted online education for all their students using a mixture of social plaforms, audio-visual study materials and contact with teachers to enable students to continue with their studies. What a great achievement in these rural areas enabling students to receive education at home! 

COVID-19 Relief Effort

We are pleased to announce that Firodia Trust of Force Motors in collaboration with Veerayatan are distributing 2000 kits to families affected by the Covid 19 pandemic in Rajgir, Pawapuri and Lacchuwad. These kits, each weighing 16kg, consists of grains, rice, flour, sugar, tea, oil and spices and is enough to last a family of four for one month. Well done to all the staff working on the ground to make this happen!

Veerayatan Kutch

Inspirational Updates....

The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a student encompassing intellectual, physical, moral, ethical and social development. With the blessings of Acharyashriji and under the able direction of Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji, students of Veerayatan Kutch have ample opportunities to develop their skills. They are being shaped through various co-curricular activities alongside their academic studies.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

  • We take pride in announcing that Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy, the first professional Degree College of Kutch, has been ranked in the top 10 colleges in the entire state of Gujarat by Gujarat Technological University. The ranking has been made on the basis of excellent meritorious results. We congratulate all the students and faculty staff for their efforts.
  • As a result of this academic excellence, students of Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy, despite coming from rural backgrounds, have opportunities to compete in the National Level Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test. Three of our students have been successful in this test and will now enrol onto the Master's programme.
Excellent Infrastructure

Excellent Infrastructure

Indian Institution of Technology, Mumbai, announced Veerayatan Institute of Engineering to be the best in terms of excellent management, infrastructure and having the technical amenities to be able to hold the prestigious Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering in Kutch. Thus, aspiring students from various parts of Kutch came to Veerayatan to sit this exam.

Sports Activities

  • In addition to academic excellence, Veerayatan Vidyapeeth organises superb Inter College Sports and Cultural Event 'Veerotsav' annually to promote holistic development of students coming from the remote areas of Kutch and nearby challenged regions. There were scintillating performances by the Veerayatan school and college students and around 1000 students took part in the various competitions.
  • Students of Veerayatan Institute of Engineering have made us proud by winning the doubles badminton championship in the GMDC Interzone Sports Olympiad held at Sports Authority of Gujarat-Bhavnagar. Veerayatan family congratulates them!
  • Students of Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy participated in State Level Inter College Competition held at Sanskar College, Bhuj. Two teams consisting of 4 and 5 contestants respectively won first prize in Mark E Nova, a mall creation game showcasing the skills in strategic planning, managerial skills and finance budgeting, and Scavenger Hunt, a game using physical and mental skill to complete various tasks and beating every obstacle and challenge.
  • Yatri Sangar, a second year student of Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy, came first in 800 metres race at both zonal and state level athletic meeting at the annual sports event organized by Gujarat Government in Khelmahakumbh.

Adventure Camp

Veerayatan Institute of BBA/BCA organized a two day adventure and trekking trip to Polo Forest, Ahmedabad. In a no mobile zone, students were trained to live in complete harmony with nature and also with each other. Trekking and adventure sports helped them to attain physical stamina. It was a memorable trip for them all.

Awareness Seminars

  • With the blessings and inspiration of Acharyashriji, delegates of Veerayatan took part in the Grand Summit of UN, 'Leave No One Behind'. Faith leaders and dignitaries from all the communities and sectors of India were present and they participated in brainstorming sessions on WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene), a mega project of UNICEF running world wide. Veerayatan represented the Jain Faith and Acharyashriji's views and vision were eloquently presented in the summit regarding water and hygiene.
  • An awareness seminar on breast cancer was organized for the female students and faculty staff in collaboration with Bidada Sarvodaya Trust to make them aware of symptoms, prevention and cure of breast cancer.
  • A Seminar on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) was organized for the Veerayatan female students in collaboration with Youth Club of Mandvi. Dr. Pulin Vasa, the renowned doctor and researcher, was the key speaker at the seminar.
  • Veerayatan being a religiously tolerant organization always believes in non-violence, communal harmony, peace and compassion. To strengthen this belief, students of Veerayatan Institute of BBA/BCA took an oath to maintain harmonious atmosphere in their surroundings and not to get embroiled by the protests due to citizenship amendment act in a negative way.

Veerayatan Meerut

We are pleased to inform that Veerayatan Meerut together with ISKCON distributed meals to 1000 families in Punjab on Askshay Tritiya day, a very auspicious day in the Jain calendar. Veerayatan Meerut, closely associated with Gurudev Shri Amarmuniji Maharaj and Acharyashriji for the last 50-60 years, continues to uplift society in so many different ways on a monthly basis. Many congratulations indeed!

Veerayatan Nepal

Love and compassion have no boundaries. The inspiring International Centre of Veerayatan in Nepal is a true example of nurturing and transforming lives of women, young adults and children unconditionally. These young children, coming from a very challenging background, have extraordinary potential. With the blessings of Acharyashriji and the tireless work of Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji, their lives are being driven in a meaningful direction.

The children being cared for by Veerayatan love learning and they, like sponges, are able to grasp information in no time. Here are some inspirational videos showing how, in such a short time, these children are able to tell us of the important teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir, have learnt verses from the Tattavarth sutra and know the samayik and pratikraman sutras by heart. What a fantastic achievement despite Hindi, Prakrit and Sanskrit not being their mother tongue! 

Transforming Lives Building Futures

Transforming Lives, Building Futures

A wonderful example of ‘Empowering Women’ unfolds in the story of Krupali Fofindi. Krupali is the second daughter of her separated parents. Her father was an alcoholic and used to abuse her mother for not bearing him a male child. Her mother left home and joined Veerayatan when Krupali was barely 2 years old. Since then she has not seen her father. Veerayatan took care of her mother and elder sister too. Her mother started working enthusiastically and raising her kids respectfully. She herself is uneducated but wanted her daughters to be educated so that they can become self-reliant. Her elder daughter, after completing graduation got married and Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji helped to get her well settled. She is running her own business of pickles and papad etc.

Krupali was clever and studied science and after grade 12th Veerayatan has fully sponsored her to pursue her dream of becoming a pharmacist. She is currently studying at the Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy.

The helping hand and support of Veerayatan has been pivotal in transforming the lives of these three women and not only the present but also the future looks very promising!

Veerayatan Kenya

At a time when spirituality is one tool that will help hold things together, SCVP has embraced change gracefully and all our classes for adults, children and teachers are now online on Zoom. This has given scope to explore further the deeper meaning of sutras as well as look at the various texts such as Uttaradhyayan Sutra and Amarvani through a new lens. At the same time we have managed to expand our reach to others in Kenya.

As Amar Muni has appropriately said in 'Man Ka Manav':

‘Parivartan se kyaa ghabaraanaa, Parivartan hi jeevan hai’

‘Never be scared of changes in life, for that is what life is all about’

Veerayatan UK

South London

In response to Acharyashriji’s message to pray for the world to be saved from Coronavirus, Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth (SCVP) South London prayed by singing "Meri Bhavna" by Pandit Jugal Kishore.

North London

Smiling Is Infectious

Similarly in SCVP North London prayers were recited and one of the 12 year old children, Rohan Sheth, recited a beautiful poem reminding us to smile in these unprecedented times:

Smiling is infectious
You can catch it like the flu
When someone smiled at me today
I started smiling too
I walked around the corner
And someone saw me grin
When he smiled I realised
I had passed it on to him
I thought about the smile
And then realised its worth
A single smile like mine
Could travel round the earth
So if you feel a smile begin
Don't leave it undetected
Start an epidemic
And get the world infected.

SCVP Goes Online

SCVP has also, like Kenya, ensured that children and adult’s spiritual education is not impacted by the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. The teaching now continues using online technology with weekly classes available for all children aged 5-15yrs as well as adults (further information can be found below under ‘Upcoming events’). The students of SCVP are adapting amazingly well to the situation and have thoroughly immersed themselves in this new way of learning!

Upcoming Events

Veerayatan Global Online Learning Opportunities

Pujya Upadhyaya Shri Yashaji Maharaj’s

Zoom class on

Acharya Amitgati’s Samayik Sutra

A thought-provoking and practical text.

Yashaji Maharaj will go through this beautiful text which can be used as a basis for conducting a daily pratikraman allowing us to carry out self reflection. Yashaji Maharaj’s profound understanding and experience will allow us to connect to the essence of this text - this is indeed a rare opportunity! The sessions will be held in simple Gujarati language.

When: Every Wednesday morning starting at 11.30am India time (7am UK time).

Length: 1 hour

For any other information: Please contact Rita Shah on 07837811251 (UK)

Register Here

Pujya Upadhyaya Shri Yashaji Maharaj’s

Zoom class on

Sukti Triveni

A wonderful text compiled by Pujya Gurudev Shri Amar Muniji Maharaj containing spiritual verses from the Jain Scriptures.

If you want to learn and understand the spiritual messages present in our Scriptures, then these Zoom sessions are for you. Yashaji Maharaj’s profound understanding and experience will allow us to grasp and reflect upon our life. This is indeed a rare opportunity! The sessions will be held in simple Gujarati language.

When: Every Saturday morning starting at 11.30am India time (7am UK time).

Length: 1 hour

For any other information: Please contact Rita Shah on 07837811251 (UK)

Register Here

Veerayatan UK

SCVP Volunteers to help within local communities

Veerayatan is devoted to uplifting and empowering humanity through Seva (humanitarianism), Shiksha (education) and Sadhana (inner development). Veerayatan UK is practising seva by setting up a team of volunteers to support anyone during the dramatic public health outbreak of coronavirus. This Seva will be done under the auspicious grace and blessings of Acharya Shri Chandanaji and Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji. 

These are indeed unprecedented times and the coronavirus is undoubtedly impacting a significant number of people, especially the most vulnerable in our communities (being those with chronic health issues and the elderly). We also know that under current UK government advice, isolation requirements are likely to continue for a while and this will impact many households. 

If you know anyone in our community or beyond who needs support (getting food, medicine, help with technology or just a friendly chat on the phone) then please let us know by emailing or on Facebook ( or by sending a WhatsApp message to: Ketanbhai Varia @ +447803009053 or Nileshbhai Kothari @ +447718580596 or Shandipbhai Shah @ +447780690432

SCVP Virtual Adult Class 

In these unprecedented times, we have taken inspiration from Acharyashriji’s view that whilst the core essence of the religion is maintained, one has to be creative and move with the current times. We have been creative in starting our adult class virtually…. working around the current coronavirus outbreak.  The class is in English and runs on Fridays starting at UK time 8pm over Zoom. The class is currently going through the book ‘Walk With Me’ written by Acharyashriji and the late Vastupal Parikh which describes the life of Mahavir Bhagwan through the eyes of his chief disciple Gautam Swami and the messages we can take away to further develop ourselves and cultivate a positive mindset at all times. We are also going through the meaning of our prayers.

For more information on this, please contact Nilesh Kothari on +447718580596