Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji

We are satisfied...

By Acharya Shri Chandanaji

The earth on which my Bhagwan’s feet walked, that earth adorns my crown; the paths that my Deva trod, I want these paths to become my dwelling. This feeling is shared by all devotees of the Lord. All words and things that are connected with the one you adore become worth worshipping and emulating.

This emotion arose in me, when in ‘Shri Brahmi Kala Mandiram’, I wanted to display River Rjubalika for the ‘Bhagawan Mahavir Kevalgnan Kalyanak’ panel. The feeling arose that to make the panel I should use the very same stones, earth and water which originated from where Bhagwan Mahavir achieved kevalgnan. Therefore, Sadhvi Shri Sampragyaji and I, with some others, went to Nimiyaghat. From here, we walked for about 8 to 10 Km to reach the source of the River Rjubalika. It was a very narrow footpath. We started looking for the stones at the source of the river. We endearingly looked at each stone as if it was the very stone that had touched Bhagawan’s feet. Within a few days, searching from morning till night, many stones had been gathered. At night we would stay in Nimiyaghat and in the morning we would return back to the source and this continued for many days. For us it seemed that time had come to a standstill.

For our midday meal, someone from Nimiyaghat would bring packed lunch daily for all of us. For each person, there would be 2 chappatis, curry, rice and lentils. On one particular day, at 2pm when we all sat down for lunch, about 4 or 5 people carrying sticks came down the hill and headed towards us. For me it would be impossible not to invite them to join us for lunch. I invited them saying, ‘Sit and have lunch with us.’ They accepted my cordial invitation. Putting their sticks aside, cleaning their hands and face, they sat down to have lunch with us. I gave all my chappatis, curry, rice and lentils to them. Those with me were observing all this and seemed worried. I could see that they were wondering how this food would last us until dinner with all these extra people who were also sharing the food. Physical work of the kind we were doing makes one even more hungry than usual and the amount of food was limited. No one said anything out loud but I could sense their sentiments.

After the people left, everyone in our group sat down with me and we ate together. Then I asked, ‘Is anyone still hungry?’ All of them said, ‘We have filled our stomach to the full….’ Upon hearing their answer, I openly said, ‘One whose heart is big, will never face a shortage of anything.’ Anything that I do, I do it with enthusiasm and to feed others is my most cherished endeavour.