Veerayatan Kenya

Shining stars of SCVP, Nairobi showcase their faith

With beaming faces, the audience comprising invited guests, parents, teachers and students of SCVP, Nairobi left the auditorium mesmerized at the end of the annual assembly for junior classes. In the words of the head-teacher, Bejulben Shah, 'the performance was beyond Wow!! It was Outstanding!'

From the four and a half year old children who beckoned Jineswar Bhagwan with a rendition of ' Come Come Jineswar', seven year old students showing how the Derasar Vidhi is performed to the nine year old animal rights activists culminating in the grand finale of 'Mahavir Ke Santana', the entire assembly was brilliantly put together by the teachers of SCVP and compered very well by the student teacher emcees.