Mere Devdoot Stories

Mere Devdoot Stories


This story is from the time when I was studying Navya Nyaya’s extraordinary volume ‘Samanya Niryukti’. This book was the topic for my examination and to study it on my own was proving difficult. Therefore, I requested Pujya Acharya Shri Ananda Rshiji Maharaj that I needed Panditji to teach me. According to the old traditions of those times, it was difficult to bring the Panditji from outside.

Pujya Acharya Ananda Rshiji Maharaj called for Shrimati Pyarabai, who had come to do darshan (and who was my aunt and Pujya Upadhyaya Shri Yashaji’s mother) and said to her, ‘Chandanaji wants to study and a payment for the Panditji needs to be arranged.’ On hearing this and without a second thought, she immediately removed the gold necklace which she was wearing and put it at the feet of Acharya Maharaj saying, ‘For Panditji’s arrangements, I dedicate this.’ The expression of Pyaramasiji’s matchless sentiment by relinquishing her necklace, for my studies, on the request of Pujya Acharyashriji has been strongly etched in my memory.

No one is small

Pujya Bai Maharaj, Sadhanaji, Yashaji and I were in Mandavagadha. There, a retreat was taking place in the presence of Acharya Shri Rajneesh. Many people had come from Mumbai and the room we were sitting in was completely full. A discussion on the topic of meditation was taking place. All the people were keen to know more about meditation. At the same time, around the guest house, some rural people arrived to pay their respects to Acharya Rajneesh. However, they were being told firmly, ‘Not now, come later.’ Acharya Shri Rajneesh, with a lot of love and a smile, however, asked for these people to be allowed in. With tremendous love, he happily gave them his blessings and bid them farewell. His respectful behaviour towards ordinary people touched my heart.

It is usually seen that people are given a place, honour and love depending on status, money, reputation and family relations. For ordinary people, even if given a place, it will be at a distance and they will certainly not be permitted to enter the room where the Guru is present. From the doorstep, they would be told, ‘Come later, it is busy right now.’ Generally, everywhere, people have encountered such attitudes. However, if this happens in religious places where good values, equality and humaneness are being promoted, then it brings sadness to the heart. Acharya Shri Rajneesh’s loving behaviour arose really from his deep thinking. For this reason, he is an angel.