Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj

A Tribute to

Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj

(1957- 2021)

The Epitome of Friendship

The Epitome of Friendship

A ‘pure and divine soul’, ‘bliss personified’, the ‘epitome of universal friendship’, ‘humility and straightforwardness inherent in each and every action throughout her life’, ‘living in but never part of the material world’, ‘the ability to make you feel special, loved, wanted whether you have met her for a fleeting moment or known her a lifetime’ – even these descriptions and adjectives are but an inadequate attempt (like the childish play of trying to grab the reflection of the moon described by Acharya Mantunga Suri in Bhaktamar Stotra) to capture the attributes of a great soul who has been in our midst, whose existence had become one with Pujya Tai Maa, reflecting Tai Maa’s divine qualities in every step of the way! That great soul is Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj……………….

A life devoted to Veerayatan and mankind.…

The Early Years

Diksha and years to follow

Shubhamji Maharaj’s Nature
and Outlook in Life

Her love of teaching

Her love and compassion for all……

Her positive outlook on all things in life……..

Her humility and simplicity…….

Shubhamji Maharaj’s whole way of life exuded spirituality. She was a straightforward person, she was a free soul and when she walked, one would feel she is walking on air. Her grace, her love and kindness, her simplicity are unsurpassed. She saw no need for titles but lived a life which was all about giving and there was not even one instance of wanting something for her own self. Shubhamji Maharaj truly lived a life of humility which was replete with total and unconditional love for Tai Maa and with complete dedication to the vision and work of Tai Maa!

Shubhamji Maharaj was indeed a true Saint!

Shubhamji Maharaj’s work in the USA

A remarkable life………..

Shubhamji Maharaj

A poem written by Ketanbhai Varia, a teacher in Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth Jain School, London, in remembrance of the inspiration he gained from being with Shubhamji Maharaj during some learning sessions in the UK on the Tattvartha Sutra in 2017.

Shubhamji Maharaj

You always saw the human in every connection,
never status or age just a relation

Your humility made you powerful,
and your kindness, ever wonderful

You always talked liked a friend to anyone,
Shubhamji Maharaj, you were forever steadfast for someone

Your laughter came from a special place,
A reminder of childhood and spontaneity that prevails

Your body may have left us and gone….we are in pain,
Your special qualities remain from which we will always gain

remarkable life devoted to Pujya Tai Maa

Remembrance services worldwide

A special edition of Amar Bharti, the monthly Veerayatan publication, poignantly dedicated to Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj.
To download the copy of this edition, please click here.

Here are the links to the various services which were held in memory of Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj:

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USA Remembrance Service:

UK Remembrance Service:

Legacy for mankind….

In his remembrance speech, Dr Abhaybhai Firodia, President of Veerayatan, spoke movingly about Shubhamji Maharaj and his sentiments were shared by all. Sadly, Shubhamji Maharaj’s untimely departure can be contributed to the lack of expert diagnostic facilities in Bihar. Dr Abhaybhai Firodia has resolved to create an up-to-date diagnostic centre in Rajgir for the benefit of the local population. This centre will be equipped with all the diagnostic imaging equipment and using technology, experts from various parts of India and Internationally will support this centre by providing their expertise in making diagnosis. For those who want to contribute to this amazing vision………………….

Tributes from throughout the world


You will always be in my prayers!

I celebrate a life of a living angle who touched hundreds of thousands of lives through the purity of her Sadhanamay Jeevan, through her humility and simplicity, through her love for nature and animal world and above all her dedication towards her Guru, JinShashan and the humanity. She lived to love and laugh, she lived to give and forgive, she lived to spread the word of Lord Mahavir around the world.

I am going to miss this wonderful, beautiful, divine soul who was like a gentle fragrant breeze, who was like the raindrops showering from above and was like a kite soaring high into spiritual sky. She will always be in my prayers.

From Sadhvi Sanghmitra


The passing away of Sadhvi Shubhamji Maharaj has left us all very sad. It has shown us how limited and uncertain our powers, efforts and technology are. Under your guidance your team did the best they could. The affectionate care and sincere efforts, made her last moments, less physically stressing for her. All who participated in treating her, wherever she was - to overcome her medical problem - successful or not, have earned her blessings, for doing their best. Joining you in prayers.

From Dr. Abhay Firodia, President, Veerayatan


A great loss to Veerayatan Sangh parivar. Sadhvi Shubhamji's huge contribution to our Mahavir Bhoomi Rajgir and to Veerayatan ideology with Acharyashriji's blessing and guidance. She will always be remembered and revered Praying for her soul.

From Sunderji M. Shah, Veerayatan Kutch President


My respect to Sadhvi Shubhamji Maharaj. Our hearts are broken forever. People tell us that in time the pieces will eventually come back together. If this is true, though hard to believe now, there will always be a space, The piece to which has your name on its place. Tears have been falling now for so long. When we think of your beautiful face, it all seems so wrong. You had so much to look forward to and so much left to do, But God needed somebody in heaven who is as special as you. Nothing is the same now, and we doubt it ever will be. You have been released from pain and suffering; you have been set free.
We miss your voice, your infectious laugh and hearing you praise Lord Mahavir. Birds you always loved and now you have new accessories- a pair of angel's wings. The world has lost a wonderful person, a true and amazing disciple of Pujya Tai Maharaj. But may be her goodness was needed to help and from heaven she needed to send. You are always around us, engulfing us with your love, Giving us strength, keeping us close and watching over us from above.... Rest in Peace Shubhamji Maharaj.

From Alok Kumar Sinha, Legal Advisor, Veerayatan


Whilst a lot has already been said, no attempt to describe Shubhamji Maharaj's personna will be adequate. She was an experience. An epitome of religious practice. We, Ritaben Shah of UK and myself, are indeed fortunate and truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, under the auspices of Veerayatan Global, to provide online Swadhaya classes a few years ago, when zoom had not become a household feature.
For Shubhamji Maharaj swadhaya was of utmost importance, the way to bring contemplation and awareness in our lives. She was willing to teach at any time, whether there was one student or ten and gave us numerous, untiring hours of learning.
In particular, she helped me proofread the Gujarati reprint of Gurudev's Adhyatma Pravachan. The vastness and depth of her knowledge, not only of the Jain Shashtras but also of Vedic and Buddhist scriptures, was indeed commendable. Despite her immense knowledge, she was extremely simple and humble, approachable at all times.
Undemanding, maintaining "maun" for the better part. A soul that has not hurt anyone and left us richer with the example of the way she lived her life, embodying the Jain principles of keeping control on ones kasayas. She was ever smiling and happy. As Tai Ma has often said that a dharmic person will always be "prasanna" ...
Shubhamji Maharaj was a true Sadhvi, who practised dharma continually through her life, enriching all around her with her calm demeanour. Being in her presence was like experiencing the gentle pure morning breeze .... Her life and its beautiful aroma will be treasured always ....a soul that we all celebrate and will miss deeply, daily and forever...an example to follow.

From Sucheta Doshi, Secretary, Veerayatan, Palitana


Sadhvi Shubham-ji was the happiest soul in life as she was a universal giver and not a receiver. Whether it was adopting Diksha, or being a child with children and showering immense love, feeding parrots and sparrows, or taking care of Tai Ma's health, medicines and food, or giving online education through webinars and so on. She has been a most pious person who would neither entertain gossip nor hurt anyone and was never proud of her knowledge. She was a marasab in the true sense who didn't want anything commercial or materialistic from this world not even the "Yuvacharya" post.

It's a great loss for all of us, in-spite of all the efforts by you and all the members of the veerayatan family to revive her... she has departed with a simple smile behind. I am proud of my Masi and her legacy she has left behind.

From Piyoosh M. Baldota- Banglore


My prayers for eternal peace to the departed soul. On our request, she had blessed and addressed a large gathering of devotees on the occasion of Ahimsa Yatra in September, 2019 at Ranchi, Jharkhand. May her soul continue to move on the path of ultimate liberation.

Pankaj Vatsal, Ranchi


I share this grave loss. Veerayatan has lost a gem. A compassionate and loving person. PP Shubhamji was an epitome of love and understanding. I am glad that I had the opportunity to know her during my life-time.

From Niranjan Kamdar


A simple soul, profoundly knowledgeable, selfless animal lover, kind and gentle...Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj's irreplaceable presence will always be remembered...

From Vaishali Bafna


Deepest condolences to Tai Maa and entire Veerayatan family and Sadhvijis. A very gentle, calm and pure soul. May her soul merge with her higher soul.

From Bina Kamdar


A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul who spread her fragrance through to the whole world. May the soul of Shree Shubhamji Maharaj find eternal peace.

From Shruti


I remember Shree Shubhamji Maharaj with so much fondness and respect for her kindness, generosity, wisdom. Deepest condolences to the whole Veerayatan family.

From Nina Mehta


It is difficult to accept her loss. Shubhamji Maharaj was a beautiful soul. Very simple and open minded. Had chance to be with her and learned true meaning of swadhyaya. Shubhamji Maharaj was full of love compassion and openess. Will always treasure her teachings and love.

From Aruna Mehta


Param Pujya Shubhamji MS was a great inspiring soul to our small sangh. We will miss her dearly. Our deepest condolences to Veerayatan Family to bear this loss.

From Ravi Shah


I went with her to Veerayatan by flight. She really helped me in Veerayatan, she was really helpful, no gossip, she was so religious, with depth of knowledge she had was tremendous, she was always kind hearted, always positive in her thoughts.

From Bhavya Kamani


Jai Jinendra. Shubhamji Maharaj leaving us is a loss to all of the Humanity.

From Darshana Gandhi


What a wonderful way to lead a life, hope we can do the same, so Shubhamji Maharaj's spirit lives on in each one of us. Very overwhelming.

From Alpa Shah


Jai Jinendra Shubham Ji no Nikhalas and lagnishil swabhav Hameshsa Hamesha yad raheshe parmatma Emna Aatma ne shanti aape.

From Bhavna Kothari, Kolkata


Heartfelt condolences to Veerayatan parivar. Dearest dear Yuvachraya Shubhamji MaSa left behind her mark of sadhana and compassion .. big loss of humanity ..

From Mohan Bhandari


Pujya Maa, our heartfelt pain for our dear Shubhamji . she will be always in our heart. it's 25 years of her unconditional love for us. I listen to Shubhamji Maharaj Nav Smaran and always feel her presence. really will miss her.



Chandana Swadhyaya Mandir, expresses their grief and sorrow over sudden demise of Yuvachraya Shubhamji. During Chaturmas of Acharyashriji in 2006, we all teachers had golden opportunity to learn from Shubhamji Maharaj. She always welcomed us with her ever-smiling face. We will always cherish the moments spent with her at Rajgir, Kolkata, Palitana and Kutch.

From Mehuli Kamdar CSM Kolkata.


Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj, we will always remember your smile and simplicity. You will always live in our hearts. Your heartiest tributes and respect.

From Mohin


PujyaShubhamji Maharaj will be greatly missed by everyone. A beautiful soul. May her soul rest in eternal peace and progress towards achieving Moksha.

From Harsha Rajesh


Shubhamji Mahasatiji was our Guru for the whole family. Om Shanti. Param Krupalu Dev may bless her soul and give her peace.

From Trupti Deliwala


We are all shocked upon hearing the news of Pujya Shubhamji's untimely demise. Very few people in this world manage to rise and distinguish themselves as exemplary human beings. She was one of them. We were blessed to have a few opportunities to gain knowledge from her. She touched our hearts. She was an excellent preacher of Jainism, within the country as well as outside. It is an irreparable loss to the whole Jain community, may the divine soul reach her ultimate goal. We will always miss her.

From Sanmati, Kolkata


I am very sad to hear about Shubhamji Maharasa. She was very sweet and calm. All members of Veerayatan had a very good relationship with her. She was a very helpful person. She used to talk and hear to anyone's problem with the best of her heart and love, all the time there was a smile on her face. It is very difficult to forget Maharasa. We all pray for the peace of divine soul. I pray to God to give you all strength.

From Rekha Rajesh Bhansali, Kolkata


It's shocking to hear the news. Couldn't believe that Shubham Mataji is no more with us. Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss. May all of us be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding her. Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow. May her heart and soul find peace and comfort. Our Shradhanjali.

From Dr. Pramod Upadhyay- CMO, NJSM


Deeply shocked and saddened by the untimely kaal dharma of Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj after a very short illness. A very religious, pious and cheerful soul. It is an irreparable loss to our Institution Veerayatan. We members of Veerayatan Kolkata pray to Lord Mahaveera for giving eternal peace to her journey to the new world.

From Rajesh D. Mehta, Kolkata


Pujniya Shubhamji Maharaj with heavy heart and respect I pay my Shradhanjali. I cannot write about her great knowledge, simplicity, endless experience and memories. She was like diamond for our Veerayatan. Very very big loss to all of us. All her memories will be craved on my heart forever and purify my soul.

From Leenaben Shah, Pune


Shocked to hear the news. We pray for her.

From Narendra Jasani, Kolkata


With utmost regret I have forwarded the message that I received from hospital at 7 am. Sadhvi ji left for her heavenly abode. She did not give us any chance to fight back or serve her. We tried our best. They tried their best God willing. We cannot fight His will. Me and my family will pray for her soul. Saddened!

From Dr. Ajay Thakkar, Chief at Jupiter Hospital, Pune


Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences. Pray her soul may rest in peace. Our true respect, tribute and salutation to Yuvacharya SHUBHAMJI Maharaj will be to make her life a great inspiration and encouragement for all of us and we live by the message of "Veetrag Prabhu" as taught to us. We one and all at "Project Life", Rajkot, pray from the bottom of our heart that Lord Mahavir blessed her soul will constantly progress towards the epic of the highest spiritual mountain "Siddha name is true!" Arihant name is true!"

From Shashikant, Chandrakant, Meetal Koticha, Rajkot


There are times, when everyone has to traverse the path of sorrow. In this hour, we are with you, with heart felt wishes for a hope filled tomorrow. Our heart felt condolences to Veerayatan family.

From Baldota Family, Bangalore, Pune

Jain Organisations

Yours in Prayer, Samani Pratibha Pragya, Jain Vishva Bharti London

Indeed it is a great loss of Jain Samaj that Yuvachary Sadhvi Shree Shubham is no more among us. She was so simple, smiling, easy to access and a peaceful Sadhvi Shree. I have got an opportunity to spend one week together with her during Detroit Pratishtha Mahotsav. We pray for her spiritual progress in next life and finally to Siddhahood.


Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur (UK)

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji. Her loss will be felt greatly by all at Veerayatan but also all of us in the UK Jain community who will miss her gentle compassion, kind smiling face and utmost humility.
We hope you, and all at Veerayatan including Pujya Tai Maharaj and Pujya Shilapiji find comfort in the legacy of her work and the indelible mark she leaves on all those blessed with learning from and knowing her.
We share your loss and offer our deepest condolences. A shining soul such as hers will continue to bless all as it continues on the journey to liberation and everlasting peace.


Shree Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal Sayla. From Vikram Shah

She walked your way and reflected your divine Glow Tai Maa. Our deepest homage to the departed soul who was a Holy Angel.


Navnat Vanik Association, From Bachoolal Mehta Joint Secretary

On behalf of Navnat Vanik association we extend deepest condolences on the sad untimely passing away of Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj. A great soul who dedicated her life to the whole human race. She is truly irreplaceable and will sadly be missed. To the Veerayatan family worldwide, we pray for her soul to find eternal peace.


Jaina President, Maheshbhai Vadher, U.S.A. & Canada

Jain samaj of the U.S.A and Canada was shocked beyond belief, hearing the news of Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji's passing. Over the years Shubhamji visited most of the Jain centers and hundreds of homes. She may have left for heavenly abode but she will live in the hearts of thousands of her followers who benefitted from her teachings, wisdom and serenity. It was amazing how much she cared for the family she came in contact with and even the name and details of everyone in the family. She will be greatly missed. On behalf of hundred and fifty thousand people in north America I send condolences to Veerayatan parivar.


Acharyaji and the entire Sadhvi Sangh - please accept our most sincere condolences on the sad demise of Sadhvi Shubhamji Maharaj. It is indeed a great loss to the entire Veerayatan Community and we will miss her immensely. We pray the almighty that her soul rests in eternal peace.

From Bharat Doshi, Veerayatan, Kenya


The entire Jain community stunned in learning that Shubhamji passed away two days before. She used to come for paryushan for number of years in Muscat to address the Jain Community. So many things have been said about her but there is never enough for a noble soul like Shubhamji. On behalf of Jain Sangh and on behalf entire community, I take this opportunity to express our sincere condolence. I am sure that such a noble soul will always rest in peace.

From Bakul Bhai, Muscat

Canada and USA

Param Pujya Shubhamji Maharaj Sahab - A Karmyogi and a Gyanyogi in true sense, leaving behind legacy of over 50 years of selflessly imparting and contribution to philosophy of Veerayatan that is Seva, Siksha and Sadhna. In last few days Veerayatan International Committee members received lots of emails and phone calls from all over the United States of America describing how much Shubhamji Maharaj Saheb has contributed to soo many families in field of religion and Jain values. Veerayatan International U.S.A. will definitely undertake a leadership role starting a charitable activity which will highlight her legacy.

From Mukesh Turakhia, President, Veerayatan USA


Remembering Pujya Sadhvi Shri Shubhamji Maharasa!
S for Shubhamji; S for Seva! S for Shubhami ji; S for Siksha!! S for Shubhami ji;
S for Sadhana!!! S for Sangharsh, S for Sayam, S for Sahan shilta, S for Samarpan, S for Simplicity!!

A pure, divine soul, who sensed my inner spirituality and was able to bring it out in a matter of seconds, inner spirituality that got me started on the long journey of perhaps Moksha! My few encounters with her and her few words that were packed with mega meanings and messages motivated me and energized me to get my feet rooted deeper into Jainism. I feel strongly that myself and many more whose hearts she touched are indebted to her and she will continuously shower her blessings on all of us.

From Yogesh Bapna (Veerayatan US Secretary and past JCNC CA President). San Francisco, USA


We have lost a great spiritual Atma - leader, Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj. It is a great loss to our community (Jain, Veerayatan, India and World as a whole). We have had several occasions and first hand experiences with Shubhamji. We have been associated with Veerayatan since 1998. Since than Shubhamji visited Jain Study Center of Raleigh, NC several times. We were fortunate to host her and Acharyashri Chandanaji or other Sadhvijis at our home during most of these visits.

We were extremely overwhelmed with simplicity in her lifestyle. She came across as a very simple person with a vast knowledge buried within herself. No one can imagine the grasp of her knowledge by meeting her several times. She was an exemplary idol that spoke very minimum, gave a very few opinions as to her likes and dislikes of any physical conditions, environmental conditions, living conditions, accommodations, food, individuals, programs, lifestyles, etc., It was an idol that basically had no feelings for herself. However, on the other hand, she was always thinking of others. I remember two occasions distinctly. I have visited Veerayatan several times including Palitana School and Netralaya, Kutch schools/colleges Campus, and Rajgir (Bihar). During my one of the visits to Rajgir, on the first night of stay, some knocked my door at 9:30 p.m. I was wondering who that might be, and learned that Shubhamji had sent someone to deliver a portable electric heater and to make sure that we had enough blankets in our room. I also experienced that during another visit, she had sent someone to ensure that water heaters were on to get the hot water in the room. We would have never expected this kindness and thoughtfulness from any alone, let Shubhamji.

During my one of the visits to Rajgir, Shubhamji Maharaj accompanied us to show us various Pilgrimage places and Pawapuri School near Rajgir. At one of the temples (Derasar, Jinalaya), a young beggar girl was asking for money. Shubhamji asked us to not offer anything to the girl until she speaks to the girl first. She talked to the girl and asked why you are not attending a school where clothing (uniform) will be provided, morning snacks and lunch be provided, and educate yourself so that you don't have to beg again. Shubhamji convinced the girl to start attending a school the following day. Once, that happened she told us to help the girl to our desire. To us this was an unforgettable example of promoting Veerayatan's key message of "Where there is a Jain Temple, there should be a school."

I was blessed to have an opportunity to drive Shubhamji Maharaj to/from Richmond, VA to Raleigh, NC on April 21-22, 2012. The Jain Study Center of NC (JSCNC) was celebrating a Mahavir Jayanti (MJ) Program. We were fortunate and honored to have Shubhamji Maharaj on this auspicious occasion. She delivered blessing message for the center that we will not forget in our lifetime. While driving both ways, Shubhamji Maharaj primarily discussed and advised me for the "Gift of Sight" program born in JSCNC was in its 15th year. With invaluable suggestions and recommendations from Shubhamji during the auto ride to/from Richmond, the program is now in its 23rd year. 

Our Koti Koti Vandan to Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj. We pray for her continued blessings from wherever her soul may be. Without any doubts, her soul is approaching quickly the ultimate - peaceful "MOKSHA".

From Madhuker and Gita Mehta


Pujya Shubhamji was our friend, philosopher and guide! She left us too soon!

From Punita Shah


Oh beloved companion of my heart, you have reached out and touched the essence of my being. You have shown me the path to walk on to reach salvation. Your love has awakened me. P. Sadhvi Shubhamji was a true monk, a guiding light, a dear friend, a nonviolent being, the embodiment of compassion, devotion and detachment, and a jovial being with profound humbleness.

Her openness, simplicity, charisma, power to convey the deeper meanings of various branches of religion in a simple and straightforward way with no pride, ego, or desire for recognition, and her many divine qualities always amazed me and enriched my life and the lives around her. We were connected for 32 years. Chicago was her Veerayatan. She taught me many scriptures with great patience and calmness. Her answers to many of my spiritual and non-spiritual questions always guided me forward. I saw Bhagwan Mahaveer in every act of hers. We shared love, laughter, joy, sorrow, travel, and much more. I will carry forward her vision with no expectations and without judgment while focusing on uplifting one and all. Like air (Prana), she is everywhere. She is in all of our hearts and souls. Her divine spirit will always have a deep impact on us and be spiritually uplifting.

Jyan jyan najar mari fareche, yadi bhari che aapni. Hae Prabhu, shakti aapje mane tara moksha marga eutsha thi aagal vadhvani.

From Harsha Vikram Mehta Chicago, Veerayatan Family


I am speechless, numb and heart is with full of sorrow and pain. My eyes cannot stop flowing with tears. Param Pujya Shubhamji's Pure Beautiful Soul, full of compassion and love for everybody left for journey to ultimate freedom.
Her wisdom and wise teaching is giving us some comfort. I think of her beautiful laughter, joyous nature, lively acceptance of everyone and everything without JUDGING anyone. Showering everything around her with love and compassion. Her love and laughter was contagious. She was generous and selfless, ready to give up anything and everything for others. She never asked or expected anything for herself but was more than willing to give up everything for others' happiness. We all have yet a lot to learn from her life.
Pujya Shubhamji's knowledge and interpretations of Scriptures were unparalleled. Her teaching was like a vast ocean of knowledge and her sermons were like a river flowing through mountains and rocks with full force that would take everything with her, and you never can have enough of the beautiful melodious sounds like mesmerizing orchestra. And that music is and will always flow in ours and our children, Amee and Urmi and their families' hearts and minds.
We are blessed and fortunate to know her and spent such wonderful times for the past 32 years. Pujya Maa officiated both of our daughters' weddings and Pujya Shubhamji chanted the Ceremony Mantras. The time we spent with Pujya Shubhamji is imprinted in our Hearts and Minds forever. It was most precious time that we will cherish forever.
Pujya Shubhamji truly achieved the total detachment except for her Guru Pujya Maa. Just like Lord Mahavir sent Guru Gautam away, Pujya Maa sent Pujya Shubhamji away knowing that it was required for her Soul's Final Liberation.
We will always miss and remember Pujya Shubhamji and her every word, teaching, childlike beautiful laughter and her compassion and love for everybody and everything.
World has lost a GREAT and PURE soul. Pujya Maa and Veerayatan have lost PRICELESS and PRECIOUS GEM. Thank you Pujya Shubhamji for all your wonderful gifts of love teaching and beautiful memories and Pujya Maa thank you for sharing her with us. With lots of love and prayers.

From Vikram and Harsha Mehta, Chicago, USA


It is with heavy hearts we write about the legacy of Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shri Shubhamji. We find it very difficult to find the right words, or even enough words to express our profound gratitude for her life's impact on each of us.
We vividly remember meeting her for the first time at Siddhachalam back in the 1980s, where she was visiting with our beloved Maa - Acharya Shri Chandanaji. We were so fortunate to enjoy their divine, serene, and blissful presence at our home on several occasions.
We hosted a Satavadhan program in Southern Maryland back in the 1990s where Shubhamji shined by demonstrating her powerful memory and wisdom. She mesmerized everyone by answering all the questions with thoughtful and spiritual responses. Our entire community fondly remembers the event that was reported in the local newspapers.
When we were lucky enough to make trips to Veerayatan at Rajgir in Bihar, Shubhamji welcomed us with enthusiasm and energy. She helped bring Tirthankar Mahavir Swami's pavanbhoomi to life by accompanying us to each place around Rajgir, Pawapuri, and all the pilgrimage sites.
Shubhamji worked tirelessly, with an ever smiling face, to further Veerayatan's mission of seva, shiksha, and sadhana. Though she was soft spoken, by embodying compassion in action, she was a force of nature in making the world a brighter place. She travelled around the world, including extensively across the United States to establish Veerayatan USA and shared Jainism with eager disciples. Our lives are better because she taught by example to love all beings, including animals and all living things.
Our dearest Shubhamji will live on in our hearts and minds forever!

From Premila and Mahesh Shah, Maryland, USA


My husband, Satish, and I had the privilege of meeting Shubhamji Maharaj in January 2016. We were on a guided tour to Samet Shikharji and we included Rajgiri so we could visit Veerayatan. When we reached Rajgiri we found out that our hotel bookings were cancelled to accommodate an International Convention being held at Veerayatan. While our guide went looking for new accommodations, we went to Veerayatan to pay respect to our departed parents. In Veerayatan we encountered Shubhamji whom we had never met before. She saw us from a distance and called out, "Awo Satishbhai, Rashmiben". Before we could ask her how she knew us, she told us our registration for the convention was ready... and so were our accommodations! To this day we do not know how she even knew us, let alone about our arrival. We were too awestruck by this awesome human being: her soothing voice, her warmth and hospitality. This was once in a life time experience that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

From Rashmi and Satish, Los Angeles, USA


Jyotsna and I were saddened to hear the news of Shubhamji Maharaj. We spent some time reflecting and thinking of her. She has travelled to a new world and left us to follow her teaching and principles. We are saddened by her loss but have great memories of her. She was an amazing individual with a very pleasant nature. Shubhamji Maharaj was loving, caring, humble and an excellent guru. Her contagious personality led to many great relationships with people around the globe. Her guidance has made Jyotsna and I more spiritual and better human beings. During our travels with her around Bihar, she took a personal interest in our trip and accompanied us at various historical places. We will cherish her spiritual beliefs and continue to follow her teachings.

From Amar and Jyotsna Shah, USA


Extremely sorry for the demise of a wonderful Sadhviji like Shubhamshriji. A pure soul and an eloquent religion scholar, we will miss her forever. We sincerely pray to God to give strength to all of you at Veerayatan to bear the loss of a great "Saathi".

From Amrish Rupa, USA


Very sorry to hear the sad news. Feels like a personal loss. Please convey our heartfelt condolences to Acharya Chandnaji from all of us including my mother Surbhi Parekh and sister Sonali.

From Utpal Parekh, USA


It was so sad to learn of Pujya Shri Shubhamji's passing on. We have lost a very saintly and loving soul. I first saw Pujya Shubhamji along with Pujya Ma at Harshaben and Vikrambhai's house. During that visit she also did "shatavdhan" and yet there was no sense of ego or pride that you could see on her face. Since then whenever she visited Chicago, I got to meet her at least once during her stay. What really was remarkable about her was her hearty smile and love that she radiated. Once I was in a car accident and fortunately was not hurt badly. At that time Pujya Shubhamji was in Chicago. She made a special point of coming and blessing me. It was such a touching gesture for me, since I had not expected her to take the trouble of coming to my house all the way from almost 50 miles away! It was a great lesson for me to know of the power of unconditional love and compassion. A friend of mine and I also visited Veerayatan a few years ago and Pujya Shubhamji made all the arrangements for our stay, took us around to see the eye hospital, school etc. in spite of her busy schedule. She even helped us to arrange visit to Pavapuri, and Nalanda, and for that I am truly grateful. Pujya Shubhamji and Pujya Ma were almost always together and it was remarkable to see her devotion to Pujya Ma, and taking care of all her needs.While we will all miss her, Pujya Shubhamji's soul is already on an onward journey towards liberation, free from the limitation of the body and mind. I offer my humble Pranams at her feet.

From Dr.Nila Vora, Chicago, USA


We were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of our beloved Sadhviji Shubhamji. This will be a great loss for the entire Jain community. We had a unique relationship that grew after meeting at the Philadelphia Jain Convention in 1999. Her simplicity and down to earth nature were adorned by our local community with whom she became very close. Her love and compassion for animals and particularly parrots was great. She always kept a picture of our 2 parrots, Abu and Tiku, with her at all times. And when they passed away, she was kind and gracious enough to orate a manglik from Bihar. When you were in her presence, you could feel her pure divine soul. She always made me think of Mahavir Bhagawan. She was truly a godly Sadhaviji and we were blessed to have her in our lives. We will never forget her sage and enlightened words. May her soul be in eternal peace.

From Sarla and Vinod Shah


Pujya Shubhamji was a beautiful soul, so full of peace and joy. We are so fortunate to have known her and had her bless our wedding. I will always remember her musical laugh and her gentle kindness. We will always cherished time we spent with her in Chicago and in India. We will miss her.

From Amee Mehta McCaughan and Ted McCaughan


Pujya Shubhamji was very special to us. I have memories of her going back to childhood. She was such a calming presence and was so full of pure joy. Shubhamji was part of our wedding ceremony as well and we are so grateful she was with us for such a special day. We will miss Shubhamji and her infectious laugh very much. You could tell just by spending a few minutes with her that she had a beautiful soul. We are fortunate to have had Shubhamji's presence and kind spirit in our lives and for her blessings.

From Urmi and Ed Graft, Chicago, USA


Needless to say, as a Jain Sadhvi, Pujya Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji Maharaj knew all the Prayers and Blessings, in both Sanskrit and Gujarati. However, she also was knowledgeable about the historical background and significance, as well as the underlying meanings. In addition, she was prepared to share and teach that information in a way that could be comprehended, even in English. Having done Seva with Veerayatan over many years, in Kutch, Rajgir, and Mumbai, and also when sadhvis visited the U.S., especially Chicago, I had the privilege of being able to spend some time with Shubhamji Maharaj. In India, I was teaching students at the large Veerayatan schools for a month at a time, and also individual students, which she had arranged for me. With her extensive knowledge, she explained to me the significance of the beautiful exquisitely detailed Historical Museum displays of Mahavir's life and other stories, so that I would be able to explain enough to English speaking visitors at Rajgir. Since I did not have previous training about Jainism, she always kindly guided me as to what was appropriate. Regarding various ceremonies, I felt very honored to be included in the activities. We visited the amazing Nalanda University archeological site, where the multilingual tour guides gave very informative tours through the entire campus to our entourage, which included other Veerayatan guests. Another time, we went to see the (wild) monkeys that stay in an area along a road, so we could feed them with some food we had brought with us. Of course, we just scattered the food on the ground for them to find. We visited some ancient historical sites, which she described with tour guide history. Riding on the Rajgir ropeway sky lift up to the Shanti Stupa was a bit unnerving, but she was totally calm, as always. It was a little chilly while we were awaiting our ride back to Veerayatan. Needless to say, I had to be very insistent for her to wear the only sweater available, since I was accustomed to cool weather. Whenever she visited the U.S., I felt honored to be of assistance to her for her activities, including teaching Jain scriptures, and chanting Blessings, and providing guidance. She was instrumental in developing and conducting the innovative and significant Jain marriage ceremonies, making them beautiful and meaningful, warm, bonding, and religiously and culturally appropriate ceremonies. Shubhamji Maharaj always made me feel comfortable to ask her any question I had, and she explained everything to me so that I could understand it. Always missing her. May her memory be for a Blessing.

From Harriet Sallach, Chicago, Illinois, USA


There are no words sufficient enough to describe the positive impact of Pujya Yuvacharya Sadhvi Shubhamji. Yet, here I am, trying to articulate what a great soul she was and how much she meant to me and countless others. I once asked Pujya Shubhamji Maharaj, "When you took diksha, was it difficult to leave your immediate family?" She replied, "The majority of people have one family and one home but look at me! I have families and homes all over the world. I didn't leave anything!" She continued by adding, "Badha aapnaj chhe." This idea that everyone is ours drove Pujya Shubhamji's work and perhaps best illustrates what she devoted herself to: caring for and loving all living beings. She immediately put others at ease upon meeting them and helped so many people. She taught me that any duty I perform with love and sincerity is a service to God and reminded me not to feel inadequate by conveying, "You are enough." While her blessings are always with us, the void she has left is indescribable. She was a humble and great scholar. Getting to learn from her has been one of the greatest fortunes of my life. Koti koti vandan to our dear Pujya Shubhamji.

From Aarati Baxi, Naperville, Illinois


It is difficult to express what a great loss this is! We have so many everlasting memories with her during her visit to New York. Our heartfelt condolences to the Veerayatan family.

From Sunil and Madhu Daga, NY


From first day at JFK airport in New York to host in Long Island to many enlighten encounters/meetings to several events and pleasant exchanges at every JAINA conference she attended.

From Arvind Vora


Sadhvi Shubham ji is our heart, mind now and will be all the times. Her selfless devotion to Veerayatan will always remembered. This is very heart-breaking for everyone.

From Kanak and Prabha Golia, New York


Her compassion and love will never be forgotten. Pranam to all at Rajgiri Veerayatan. Thank you for Darshan. My memory with Shubhamji refreshed as when I went to Rajgiri she herself came out to greet me. Very simple living soul.

From Aruna Mehta, Tampa


We are saddened to hear of loss of Shubhamji Maharaj from our environment. We had met her several times at the Jaina Conventions. She was a big source of support to Hasu. Her soul has moved on to the Higher planes. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

From Suryakant and Hasu Shah, St. John's NL. Canada


We were deeply shocked to hear the news of early departure of Yuvacharya Shri Shubhamji Maharaj from this earth.
Few years ago, we were blessed to have her stay at our home in Toronto area. She had tremendous knowledge which she was anxious to share with others. She was very simple, undemanding and had a good sense of humor. Everyday we see her innocent smiling face in front of our eyes. We miss her very much.

From Prabhulaland Bhanu Mehta, Toronto


Suman jaisikhili khili tum,
mahakati ham sab ko chod gai,
Jahabhirahi aurchali tum,
raahiyonke kadam, sachkiaurbadhaatigayi,
Shubhmkari ban swa par keshubh ko aakaar tum detirahi,
pad chinhokipaavandhulitumhari,
sir par lagaanekekaabil hui,
Jan hit upkaaroki
vaniaur sat karmoki
sundarchhabitumhari, jag jivan me chha gai,
mithimithi mangal yaad ban dildimaag mesamaanelagi,
Bas ik hi shikavaahaitumasekiaiesibhikyajaldithi jo tum hameyuchod gai,
yah dil bar barkahataki tum hame chodkahinahi gai,
madhur mangal smrutitumhari
Path deep ban karamar hui,
Path deep bankaramarhui,
Jai Shree Shubham jee,
Jai Shree Shubham jee.
Om shanti,shanti shanti
Om shanti, shanti shanti.

From Mangalaji Sand


Yuva Acharyaji Shubhamji's grace and blessings = Punya of my this janam/birth.

We lived in Mumbai prior to coming to US. My daddy followed and believed in a masatiji in Jamnagar, Gujarat. I felt I followed my daddy's footsteps as I have been Yuvacharyaji Shubhamji's follower. I have been lost as I will never get to talk to her ever again. Many times have I thought let me call her and then I realize I can't anymore. She loved me, blessed me always. Would tell me to be happy. I plan to follow the things she would tell me as her suchana. Miss and love.

Parul Vasa, Wylie, Texas, USA


Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj's comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in Jain scriptures opened the door of its great insights to the Jain community; especially from the USA and Canada. Her simplicity and great virtues to connect with one's heart had a huge impact on the vast majority. She was instrumental in joining thousands to the noble humanity work of Veerayatan. Our decades of association with her gave us multifold experiences, however, the most outstanding was her dealing with the shocks after the "September 11" related calamity. We witnessed it first hand when the event was unfolding and most of us were tense and had a lot of uncertainties. Her calmness and heart to help out affected people far exceeded her own safety while returning to India.

Our family will miss her dearly. Our humble tribute and homage is to continue the path of humanity under the auspices of greatness of Jainism.

Ketki and Sharad, New Jersey, Past EC Member


The loss of Shubhamji mahasatiji is very huge in many of our hearts. I remember her as a very knowledgeable, humble, caring, loving and soft-spoken person. I was fortunate to spend some time with her very closely when she had visited to USA and had stayed with us for a day. I had learned some beautiful stavans from her which I sing all the time. Every time I think about her I see very calm and smiling face who is always ready to share her love and knowledge with everyone. It was very shocking for all of us when we heard about her departure but her long-lasting memories has touched thousands of people not only in India but many other countries.
May her soul rest in peace.

Bhakti Kamdar (Connecticut)


To Pujya Shree Shubhamji Maharaj

Chandesu Nimmalayara ,
She was immaculate like a Moon.

Aichesu Ahiyam Payasayra,
Her divya Gaya was as profound and radiant as Sun.

Sagarvar Gambhiira,
Her love was boundless like an Ocean.

No amount of Salutations can ever be enough to pay her our TRIBUTE.
She will always be in our Heart.

Kavita Banthia, Vancouver, Canada


Param Pujya Acharyashriji and Sadhvi Sangh, The Trustees, Committee Members, SCVP Teachers and all Veerayatan well-wishers would like to extend their deepest condolences to everyone at Veerayatan for the sudden loss of Pujya Yuvacharya Shri Shubhamji Maharaj. The UK Jain community feel very deeply the loss of Pujya Shubhamji. She was without any doubt a very special soul, pure and highly elevated. She first accompanied you to the UK in the late 1980s and then again in 1995 when she worked to help with the setting up of the Jain museum at Leicester Derasar, followed by further visits. Most recently she came to conduct Paryushan in Northampton in 2017 which included teaching sessions in London.
Pujya Shubhamji had the rare quality of making each person who came in contact with her feel loved, valued and special. This was because she was so humble, she respected and had time for each and every person and she treated everyone the same irrespective of age, status or creed. Her ever smiling and jovial nature made her see the wonder in all things in life and she made everyone around her happy as love and compassion was her nature. We all noticed that she would see the goodness in everyone and everything, never judged anyone, appreciated life and really felt empathy with the pain and suffering of other living beings and would at every moment do all she can to help to reduce that pain. She truly had love for everyone.
Her life was spent in giving. Her nature was to give her very extensive knowledge of the Jain scriptures and inspire others to think deeply about the beautiful messages of Bhagwan Mahavir. Whether she was teaching one person or a large assembly did not matter to her and she would be available at any time to teach one to one on the phone. Her teaching was always with great clarity and very practical. We in the UK have benefitted immensely from this and the teaching sessions she has conducted, especially during her most recent visit in 2017 when she went through in detail the whole of the Tattvartha Sutra, have really inspired so many people to learn and practice Bhagwan Mahavir's values.
Her wisdom, simplicity, humility, straightforwardness and approachability have endeared her to everyone she has met and we here in the UK will sincerely miss her. We are certain that her soul will continue to progress and do good in her next life and she will attain the goal of liberation.

Navin Sanghrajka, Chairperson, Veerayatan


She was a great soul;
Pure soul;
Kind soul;
A soul full of knowledge;
We all have fond memories of her;
Our deepest condolences to all.

From Nisha Mahendra Mehta and Family


Our heartfelt condolences to Veerayatan Pariwar. We were blessed by her presence many a times both in London and India. P. Shubham ji Maharaj will be missed dearly. She imparted peace and serenity to everyone who came in touch with her. May her Soul rest in eternal peace.

From Rohit, Pravina, Meera and Punir and family.


Param Pujya Shubhamji was very kind compassionate and spiritually elevated soul. Very loving and truly transparent. Always felt very comfortable to talk to she has amazing Aura around her. Very knowledgable yet very simple human. She was learned Shatavadhani yet always simply ready to share her wisdom. We will always miss her!!

From Navin, Gita, Kajal, Veeral, Sheena Sanghrajka


Deeply saddened. Massive loss to Veerayatan and humanity at large. We pray that our beloved Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj's atma travels to it's destiny in a peaceful manner.

From Jayantbhai and Rashmiben Doshi


We are indeed very saddened to learn of untimely demise of PP Yuvacharya Shri Shubhamji Maharaj. It is indeed a great loss for all of us. We offer our prayers for eternal bliss of her divine soul.

From Nemubhai Chandaria


We have some fond memories of Pujya Sadhaviji Shubhamji Maharaj - she was walking and talking Laughing Buddha bringing joy and smile on everyone's face - may her soul rest in eternal bliss.

From Mayur and Geeta Mehta, London


Veerayatan has a special place in my life, not that I manage to visit the place very often, it is the dedication of all sadhvijis has left a mark on my mind. The news of Shubhamji's departure came to me in an unusual manner giving me shock and jolt not being able to believe it. She was one of the most amazing person, with very kind heart, quick wit and humane values. I would like to write couple of incidences of personal experiences.
Once I was visiting Veerayatan at Powai Mumbai, before my departure, I went to pay my respect and said I am leaving. There upon she comes out, with gentle smile, "Do not say leaving, say I will be coming back and have lunch with us." She will be very much missed in life.

From Dr. Bala Doshi


A huge loss for mankind with such a compassionate soul departing early. We pray for Shubhamji Maharaj's soul to continue on it's eternal journey.

From Nilesh and Nishma Kothari


We will miss a beautiful soul who was an inspiration to the Jain Sangh... Too shocked for words...

From Varsha Bakhai


Sorry to hear Sad Demise of Sadhvi Shubhamji Maharaj. Prayer to Almighty to rest her Soul in Eternal Peace. It is big loss to Veerayatan. I had opportunity to meet her personally at Jayantbhai and Rashmiben's place on last visit. Very Kind loving learned Peaceful Soul. Please convey our Sincere Heartiest Condolences.

From Chandrika, Raju and Girls Family


Truly she was an amazing soul, with so much love for everyone and her eagerness to teach. She surely touched not only our children but the hearts of all of us during this Jatra Trip. May her soul rest in eternal peace and carry on with her spiritual journey.

From Nemishbhai and Preetyben Mehta


So very sad to hear this news. She was full of God's love and compassion. Will miss her dearly. I pray her soul be at eternal peace.She is our Angel now overlooking all of us.

From Sonal Udani


Deeply saddened to hear this news. She was an amazing Soul, full of love, compassion, humility and simplicity. She had so much knowledge, clarity of understanding and an enthusiasm to teach. Her departure will be a huge loss for the entire Jain Sangh and she will be missed immensely. May her Soul rest in eternal peace.

From Tejas Udani


With her love, dedication and devotion to Jainism, we pray for her soul to be at peace in Devloka and continue her devotion for Dev Dundurbhi. It is a loss not only for Veerayatan but the entire Jain Sangh

From Rajeev and Bharti Shah


It is a huge loss to the Jain community especially the Veerayatan family! We will miss her expertise, love and a beautiful smile. May the soul rest in peace.

From Hina Vora


Deeply saddened to hear the news. She was an amazing soul. She had so much knowledge and clarity. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

From Manjri Shah


She was an amazing soul, with so much love for everyone and her eagerness to teach. May she continue in her spiritual journey even further.

From Dina and Raju Shah


Very saddened. Memories of Shubhamji Maharaj and her innate charming personality will always remain in our heart.

From Sonal Dadia


Deeply saddened to hear the news. Always felt there was some hope. She was an incredible soul and got to know her even better when she came here to stay with us a few years ago to enhance our learning. It's a huge loss for Veerayatan and for entire Jain Sangh. May her soul continue to evolve further and may it continue imparting Jain knowledge and faith.

From Sandip Shah


A gentle highly elevated soul who left an indelible mark on us. Words cannot express our gratitude to Shubhamji Maharaj for all that she has given us.....and transformed our lives. She gave hope and direction on how we take forward Jainism to our future generations. We will miss her greatly. Our sincere condolences..

From Rasila and Pratul Shah


Shubhamji Sadhviji will be missed by all devotees at Leicester. Acharya Chandanaji with Shubhamji and Shilapiji stayed in Leicester UK to complete the Museum. We thank all at Veerayatan and pray for the sadgati of the soul of Pujya Sadhvi Shubhamji.

From Dr Ramesh and Dr Shashi Mehta, Jain Samaj Europe, Jain Centre, Leicester UK


Pujya Yuvacharya Shree Shubhamji will be missed. Humankind has lost a great soul. She blessed the lives of all she came into contact with. May her soul always be at peace in her onward spiritual journey.

From Jyotsna Samji


Sonali and I were very very sad to receive this message. Sonali is indebted to Shubhamji Maharaj for many happy hours of tuition and friendship during her childhood and teenage years. She helped to instil a solid foundation of knowledge and spirituality. Since the tie that Veerayatan came to the UK through Sadhviji Shilapiji, I have known of the group of Sadhvijis as an amazing united and tremendous force for good in this world - helping others, of course, but also lifting the eyes and minds of the Jains too stuck in old dogma, opening our thinking to new ideas and better horizons. And like all such forces, we think they will go on forever but we know that is not reality. Our condolences and warmest wishes to Tt Maharaj Chandnaji and all the Sadhvijis at Veerayatan.

From Nemish Mehta


Yuvacharya Shubham ji will be missed. Such a pure and divine soul. I have such beautiful memories of our time spent together at Rajgir.

From Jagruti Shah and family, London.


Pujya Yuvacharya Shubhamji Maharaj was a beautiful soul who left this earth but will no doubt be continuing her spiritual journey and helping others, she was a real kind and compassionate and spiritually elevated soul. She was learned Shatavadhani yet always simply read to share her wonderful wisdom and knowledge to us all.

From Jitendra Sheth and Kajal Sheth