Veerayatan Newsletter,
February 2023, Edition-39

The mesmerising January celebrations

The three day celebration programme, the first to be held after the COVID restrictions, was electrifying with devotees buzzing with great enthusiasm, honoured to be in the beautiful Kutch campus in the presence of Pujya Tai Ma and excited to see each other and partake in the festivities. The students of Veerayatan Vidyapeeth and the colleges had a wonderful occasion to proudly show off their campuses and their talents. And the friendly faces of all the volunteers was truly welcoming for all the guests!

The essence of these celebrations was to commemorate the achievements of Pujya Tai Ma, who turned 87 on 26 January, showcase 50 years of Veerayatan and with great humility witness the astonishing Diksha Ceremony of Jhalak Jain, now named Sadhvi Shri Praniti.

Pujya Tai Ma’s 87 th Birthday Celebrations

‘Every moment of Pujya Tai Ma’s life is a unique example for the world. She is the supreme pride of the women race!’
(Abhaybhai Firodia, the President of Veerayatan)

‘Our presence in front of such a divine soul is the blessing of our life. If the work of Veerayatan and Pujya Tai Ma is followed even a little bit, then life becomes meaningful.’
(Respected Bhai Shri, the spiritual Head of Shri Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal)

‘It is through the efforts of Pujya Tai Ma that today Jainism, has brought a welfare change in the whole world!’
(Mr. Haresh Shah, the President of JAINA, USA)

Pujya Tai Ma, the epitome of compassion, has touched millions of lives in her 86 years! Every cell of her body is etched with Bhagwan Mahavir’s words, ‘Let Friendship be your religion’, and this is reflected in all that she does, her thoughts, speech and action always in alignment and without any distinction as to caste, creed or race. Abhaybhai Firodia, movingly said ‘A revolution that was delivered with peace by Pujya Tai Ma is truly exemplary.’

In her blessings, Pujya Tai Ma desired for everyone's welfare and said:

‘Truth is for oneself;
Love is for others; and
Compassion is for all.’
She inspired each and every person present and filled every mind with new energy and consciousness.

A wonderful and heart touching performance of dance, speech, poetry and drama based on the life of Pujya Tai Ma and many other inspirational acts were presented by the students of Veerayatan Kutch. Expressing their feelings, the students spoke about how not only their own lives but also the lives of their families have been transformed by the work of Veerayatan.

The journey of these students, which started from having nothing, is today touching the pinnacle of success. They are today’s engineers, professors, bank officers and are making their name in various corporate sectors and are the proud product of Veerayatan's achievements.

Veerayatan: A remarkable 50 years

From humble beginnings, with the blessings of Gurudev Upadhyaya Shri Amar Muniji Maharaj, Pujya Tai Ma embarked on the journey of ‘Compassion in Action’ in the unknown, lawless and dangerous state of Bihar. Pujya Tai Ma was distraught to see the illiteracy, oppression and poverty existing in this pious land of Tirthankaras which in the glorious past had been highly prosperous. She resolved to restore that former pride of Bihar and started the work of Veerayatan here in 1973.

Abhaybhai Firodia commented that this journey was not easy but with Gurudev's firmness, foresight and unwavering faith and with Pujya Tai Ma’s determination, fearlessness and commitment to spread Mahavir's words to the world, Veerayatan has made an indelible impact on the lives of living beings worldwide.

There were no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’’ but with only the one thought ‘Let Friendship be our religion’ the journey moved forward. In an era where women’s rights did not exist, for Pujya Tai Ma being a woman was never an obstacle!

When facing hardships - such as being beaten up, doubts of the local communities, difficulties in starting projects and convincing disciples of her motives in venturing into unchartered territories - Pujya Tai Ma did not falter in her mission. In fact, on the contrary, her strength and her resolve increased.

These humble seeds planted in the 1970’s have now, 50 years on, flourished into a colossal tree of compassionate service to all in need.

Watch how the incredible journey of Veerayatan has unfolded…

The extraordinary life changing work of Veerayatan!

Power of good work

This remarkable story, recited by Pujya Tai Ma, is about the transformation which has occurred in the lives of people who themselves were dacoits and criminals in Lachhuar, Bhagwan Mahavir’s birthplace in Bihar.

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The rekindling of the flame of love and compassion

The flame of love and compassion can be rekindled through the children studying in Veerayatan as shown by this story recited by Pujya Tai Ma…

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Desperation grown into a gigantic tree of educational excellence

This story, recited by Pujya Tai Ma, is about the extraordinary transformation that has occurred in this land of Kutch, after the devastating earthquake in 2001, as Veerayatan has progressed to create a revolution in education...

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Inspirational Diksha Ceremony

On 28 January, Kumari Jhalak Jain renounced her worldly life (Diksha) by embarking on the path of Bhagwan Mahavir, dedicating her life at the feet of Pujya Tai Ma. The beautiful and heart-touching diksha ceremony started with a grand procession from 72 Jinalaya to the diksha courtyard on Veerayatan campus. Kumari Jhalak Jain displayed such joy, such happiness, as though she had attained the wealth and happiness of the entire world. She took the vows as prescribed by Pujya Tai Ma and was reborn again with her beautiful long hair shaved off (which she has donated for the benefit of cancer patients), her attire exchanged and with the new identity of Sadhvi Shri Praniti given to her by Pujya Tai Ma.

The chief guest of the programme, Mr. Vinodbhai Chavda (MP) said that it is very difficult to stay on the path of self-restraint by renouncing all the delusions, wealth and possessions and emphasised that only unique people can walk on this path.

We pray that Sadhvi Shri Praniti’s life progresses beautifully on this spiritual path and fulfils her wish of extending a loving hand to all those in need.

Birthday celebrations in Bihar

Every year Pujya Tai Ma’s birthday is celebrated in Rajgir by giving the gift of vision for those in need in and around in the district of Nalanda through holding eye camps. This year was no different and in total 1023 patients from nearby towns and rural villages benefitted from free cataract operations.

Patients are not only given the gift of vision, they are also given the inspiration to lead a non-violent and alcohol-free life.

A heartfelt thanks to all the doctors and other staff for all their hard work and dedication.

Birthday celebrations in London and Nairobi

Veerayatan, under the immense grace and leadership of Pujya Tai Maa and all the sadhvis, has transformed millions of lives globally through Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana. Pujya Tai Ma’s 87th Birthday and 50 years of Veerayatan was celebrated beautifully by the students and teachers of SCVP (Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth) Jain school in Nairobi and in London. In both centres, the audience learnt about the life of Pujya Tai Ma and the incredible journey of Veerayatan. Inspirational stories of Pujya Tai Ma were recited wonderfully by the children and reflected on her amazing qualities.

In London, food items were also donated for a food bank charity called Gratitude. This food is given to all those who have been adversely affected by the economic crisis in the UK. The children and adults enthusiastically listened to the tremendous work of Gratitude and have been inspired to support them even more!

Well done to all the students and teachers in Nairobi and London for an inspiring celebration!