Seva -

The Manifestation of Divinity Within

‘Our inner happiness and bliss become manifested as compassion, unconditional love and empathy, which we then share with others through selfless contribution for the betterment of humanity. This is Seva. Most often, we live our lives with ourselves as the center - our family, our work, our own spiritual development. However, we cannot think of spiritual development simply as a personal process. Spiritual growth cannot be fully realised without giving back to the world. In fact, Seva and Spiritual development are complementary to one another. If Seva is done with proper understanding, it becomes a commanding path for spiritual purification. And this is the path envisaged by our Tirthankaras - “asuhado vinivatti, suhe pavitti ya jan charittam ” - the process of spiritual development requires constant withdrawal from wrong doing and unceasing acts of selfless, noble deeds. Anything which is done or contributed selflessly for the universal benefit is Seva. If Seva is done as a part of spiritual purification, it brings tremendous joy and happiness and does not make us sick with the wound of expectation. However, if it is done without spiritual understanding, it may enhance our ego and pride.’