Friendship with all

Paryushan 4 Kidz 2019 UK

Nearly 100 children (from ages 3-12), all excited and eager to get on with the learning and various activities, got together for Paryushan4Kidz, themed ‘Friendship with all’ on 1 September at Harrow Leisure Centre. Organised by Oshwal North West UK and all the learning and activities delivered by the teachers of SCVP Jain School UK, for three hours there was an amazing buzz and joy everywhere! The active participation from the children showed how engaged they were with what was being taught and the fun they were having whilst learning.

In a very short time the 5-7 year old group learnt Khammemi Savva Jive, a prayer of universal friendship and used their creative genius to show who within nature they wanted to develop friendship with! Then the children in their small groups depicted the story of Neminath Bhagwan.

paryushan for kids 1

The 8-10 year olds went through the significance of the Paryushan festival and then for the rest of the time concentrated on the friendship theme. They explored the qualities of a good friend. They had art work of making a tree using outline of their hand as the branches and their hand as the trunk and on this they wrote down the qualities they wanted to nurture to increase friendship with all living beings such as: Compassion, Love, Respect, Kindness, Sharing, Caring, Patience, Responsibility and Tolerance.

And the 11-12 year olds learnt about the importance of human life and how we need to use time wisely and support all living beings and their artwork was based around drawing the saathiyo and understanding what it represents.

And all the children learnt a beautiful song which talks about how nature shares with all and we should be like that as well ….

The Sun shines on Everyone, It doesn’t make choices
When it rains, it rains on everyone, It doesn’t make choices
When we pray, we pray for everyone, We don’t make choices…. Etc…….

paryushan for kids 3

If allowed we are sure that the children would have wanted us to continue for longer then 3 hrs…… If you want more information about SCVP Jain School or want to enrol your child for the weekly Friday activities, then please contact
Nilesh bhai: 07718580595 or
Shandip bhai: 07780690432 or
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